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Make Checks payable to:                                                                       Sunpointe Cove

Mail Payments to:                                                                                   Golden Spike Realty                                                                             PO Box 238                                                                                             Roy, UT 84067

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If you are a first time user, please fill out the "New User Registration" and click on your property address "Sunpointe."                                                                     *Additional processing fees apply*                                       

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HOA Management Contact                

Kaitlyn Linford 801-773-1777                                      kaitlyn.goldenspike@gmail.com                                    

Chad Hill 801-773-1777                                              chad@goldenspikerealty.com

Meeting Minutes

Owner Meeting Minutes 6-23-18.pdf

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BOD Minutes 1-26-19.pdf

BOD Minutes 4-27-19.pdf


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Have questions, concerns or maintenance issue? Contact your Management Team Kaitlyn Linford 801-773-1777 kaitlyn.goldenspike@gmail.com or Chad Hill 801-773-1777 chad@goldenspikerelaty.com. Maintenance issues are requested to be in writing to Kaitlyn's email.